Procurement equals Quality

The first step towards ensuring a product’s quality is the right procurement process. KRBL has established well-defined systems to ensure its product quality by developing a procurement system at each stage in the value chain to ensure it receives the best-quality paddy.

Ensuring quality starts right at the seed level, R&D is one of the main focus areas for KRBL, which has pioneered several cropping methodologies and harvesting techniques which has helped farmers improve their yield. Collaborating with other agricultural academic/research institutions, the Company has been successful in developing high-yielding varieties of rice seed along with advanced technologies in seed production, to provide seeds and consistently reach out to farmers by assisting them with different knowledge and best agricultural practices in sourcing quality inputs for further improvement.

We procure our inputs from reliable and sustainable sources and ensure a steady supply of raw materials which go into our products. We established a wide procurement network with strong quality control across all mandis. The Company has put in place a dedicated procurement team, who based on the demand, plans for the raw material requirement in advance. The quality of our products has been our key differentiator. With more and more stringent food safety rules prevalent across the international markets, KRBL has consistently ensured that its products meet these safety standards across its value chain. We did this by consistently focusing on the quality and testing of the products. This quality focus has not only provided KRBL a competitive advantage in the market but also enabled KRBL to stand out as a trusted brand within essential.

Heeding the call of our Hon’ble PM, KRBL Ltd. is taking gigantic strides to steer the Atma Nirbharta mission forward. Our dedicated involvement with farmers in harvesting and procurement, along with indigenous seed development and their in-house processing, will herald holistic growth for our company and our nation at large.