Mr. Anil Kumar Mittal

Mr. Anil Kumar Mittal

Mr. Anil Kumar Mittal is the Chairman & Managing Director on the board of KRBL Limited. Born in 1951,Mr. Anil Kumar Mittal is having more than 44 years of experience in the field of Rice Industry.
The visionary behind the success of the Company, Mr. Mittal is the founder Chairman of KRBL Limited. He has been instrumental in turning the Company into a global brand and the leader in Indian Basmati Industry. He also formulates the marketing strategy of the Company and supervises the marketing functions.

He was also the President of All India Rice Exporters Associations and presently he is the President of the Basmati Rice Farmers and Exporters Development Forum.Mr. Mittal was also arecipient of the Silver Jubilee Award from the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, India. Mr. Mittal is Arts graduate from Delhi University.

A voracious reader, he likes to keep himself updated with the latest happenings from across the globe.

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