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CUTS International (Consumer Unity & Trust Society) began its journey in 1983 in Rajasthan, from a rural development communication initiative, a wall newspaper Gram Gadar (Village Revolution). This monthly wall newspaper is published regularly and has been instrumental in providing a forum for the oppressed classes to get justice. On seeing Gram Gadar, Rubens Ricupero, Secretary-General of UNCTAD (1995-2004) observed: “It confirmed my view that often the simple lack of awareness lies at the root of so much misery”.

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Secretary General

Since 1984, we have been working for the welfare of consumers, from
the grassroots to the international level. In the early 1990s, when the
Uruguay Round discussions were at a peak, we expanded into trade and
development. This lead to substantial growth, as very few NGOs in the
South were grappling with these new issues of globalisation and
liberalisation.Over time we expanded our work to include South-South
cooperation, to share our skills etc and have now acquired the status of an
international NGO, with five overseas centres......Read More

Program Centers

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  • Competition Investment &
    Economics Regulation

  • Cuts International Public
    Policy Center

  • CUTS Calcutta Resource

  • CUTS Centre for
    Human Development

  • Consumer Protection &
    Good Governance

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  • Frederic Jenny Lecture on Economics for Judiciary

  • Pradeep S Mehta at Knowledge and News Network

  • Pradeep S Mehta at SID Lecture on ‘International Development and the Interests of Individuals’


All donations to CUTS are exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961

Parliamentarians’ Forum on Economic Policy Issues (PARFORE)
  Parliamentarians’ Forum on Economic Policy Issues has been formed at the behest of five Parliamentarians cutting across party lines to facilitate discussions on a periodic basis among MPs on the core economic policy issues reflected in and out of parliament and media. The forum is non-partisan and informal.   

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