About Cuts CITEE

In 1996, CUTS Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment (www.cuts-citee.org) was established as a programme centre of CUTS to focus its activities on understanding the issues and implications of an emerging international trade regime under the aegis of the World Trade Organisation and bilateral/regional free trade agreements.

Programme Areas

Trade Update

Trade updates are a compilation of trending news and media article across the world aimed to inform and create awareness among consumers.



  • Brahmaputra Basin Policy Dialogue on ‘Expanding Tradable Benefits

    10 August 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Agenda | Background

  • Stakeholder Consultation on Understanding the Dynamics of Informal

    04 August 2017, New Delhi, India
    Agenda | Background

  • Advocacy Dialogue to Reduce NTBs in Agricultural Trade

    17 August 2017, New Delhi, India
    Agenda | Background

  • CUTS Received Trade Facilitation Innovation Award at Asia-Pacific

    5th - 8th September, 2017, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

  • Sub-regional Dialogue on ‘Expanding Tradable Benefits

    26th – 27th October, 2017, Kolkata, India
    Agenda | Background | Press Release

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